January '24 Programme

by tom MCADAM




Programme Overview


We have a brand-new cycle of programming for January, with some exciting new movements to explore.


The major focus of the programming for the next couple of months will be to prepare for the CrossFit Open which starts at the end of February. CrossFit Open workouts will take place during Saturday’s Work classes for the 3 weeks from February 29th. If you attend Saturday’s classes, we highly recommend you enter and give it a go. It’s super inclusive and great fun.


January’s Work classes, as well as Friday’s Energy class, will include workouts specifically designed to get you ready to do your best in the Open. We will test 1 previous Open workout each week, alternating between Wednesday and Saturday. Sprinkled across the month, there will also be adaptations of Open workouts on Fridays. 


If you’re not planning on doing the Open, don’t worry. These Work and Energy classes will still be phenomenal general strength & fitness sessions. 


There’s also a lot to get excited about in the Force programme. We’re introducing a number of new movements to these sessions. On Mondays we’ll be exploring the Sumo Deadlift as well as Handstands and inversions. On Thursdays, we’re introducing the Power Snatch and Front Squat


Our goal is to help you develop general athleticism, movement capacity and resilience, as well as basic strength so we always want to challenge you with new movements. These exercises will tax you in different ways and keep your brain engaged in the process of learning new motor patterns.


We’ll be sticking with these movements, on and off, for the next 12 weeks and we’ll be testing them in Q1’s testing week, which starts on Monday March 24th.


And here is the structure for the training weeks in January.


Monday Force

Full body strength: sumo deadlift, handstand hold skill work, accessories


Tuesday Energy

Varied EMOM and interval workouts and partner workouts focussing on ergs as well as shuttles and carries. Preparation for the Basis Polygon (see below).


Wednesday Work

Alternating between: structured skills-focused session / previous Open workout


Thursday Force

Full body strength: power snatch, front squat, bench press, gorilla rows


Friday Energy

Varied workouts involving running, ergs and functional movements. A mixture of "for time", AMRAP and EMOM workouts. Some workouts inspired by previous Open workouts translated into interval formats. 


Saturday Work

Alternating between: Structured skills-focused session / previous Open workout


Sunday Force

Full body strength: squat, barbell lunges, DB bench, DB row and ab complex.



5-8km steady run



Workout of the month


8 rounds, EMOM (every minute on the minute):


Min 1: Row for calories
Min 2: Ski for calories
Min 3: Bike for calories
Min 4: Shuttle runs for reps
Min 5 Rest


Just as with Mikko’s Triangle, with the Basis Polygon you’ll pick a target number of calories / reps on the row, ski, bike and shuttle and the challenge is to get through all 8 rounds without missing your target on any minute. I tested this one in December: it’s spicy!


ImageBy tom MCADAM
Published 01/01/24


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