February '23 Programme

by tom MCADAM




Programme Overview


In February the weekly structure for Force, Energy and Work shifts again. Watch out for the big changes on the Force programme and the re-introduction of power / plyometric training.


Sunday Force

Fully body strength - front squat, pendlay row, odd KB lifts + assistance work.


Sunday Energy

Longer aerobic workouts for first three weeks. From Feb 26th, this will become Run Club.


Monday Force

Full body strength - deadlift, overhead press + assistance work


Tuesday Energy

Longer intervals, building endurance. Cardio only.


Wednesday Work

CrossFit Open workouts


Thursday Force

Full body strength + power - squat / jump, bench press / throw + assistance work


Friday Energy

IWT (interval weight training). Different movements. Longer intervals. Running!


Saturday Work

Partner workouts for the first two weeks. From Feb 16th, this will become a CrossFit Open 2023 workout.



Force Programme:


NOTE that we have swapped the main days on the Force programme so that Monday is now deadlift (+ overhead press) day and Thursday is squat (+ bench press) day. That allows us to add a second squat session to the week on Sunday - you’re very welcome.


In January the Force programme focused a lot on volume as the variable of interest. That meant lots of sets, higher reps and generally quite taxing sessions. With that strong foundation in place, we will be moving to more classic strength training. That means lower reps (1-8 reps) and lower overall volume but progressing to higher weights. 


We’re reintroducing power training on Thursday where we will be mixing squatting with jumping and bench pressing with throwing. Power training is an oft-neglected but powerful part of physical training. Powerful muscles are healthy muscles! Jumping is also good fun.



Energy programme:


In February, Tuesday’s Energy session will shift to more of an aerobic focus with longer (~8 minute) intervals mixing running with cardio work on the machines.


The Friday Energy session will be more varied but still with a mix of DB / KB movements and cardio.


Sunday’s Energy session will still focus on longer aerobic work until February 26th at which point the class will be replaced by a Run Club class.



Week 1:


Sunday Force


A1. Front squat - 4x5

A2. Pendlay row - 4x8

A3. DB bench press - 4x10


B1. DB curls - 3x12

B2. DB OH tricep extensions - 3x12


C. 3 rounds

10 weighted sit-ups

20 Russian twists

20s hollow hold




Sunday Energy


5 rounds:

1000m row

900m run


Monday Force


A. Deadlift - 8-8-6-4*

*Start at around 60% of your 1RM for the sets of 8, 70% for the set of 6 and 75% for the set of 4. These are conservative weights.


B1. Overhead press - 8-8-6-4*

B2. Pull-ups - 4 sets**

*Start at around 60% of your 1RM for the sets of 8, 70% for the set of 6 and 75% for the set of 4. These are conservative weights.

**Choose a sustainable but challenging number


C1. Nordic hamstring curls - 3x6+

C2. Reverse nordics - 3x6




Tuesday Energy


Every 10 minutes for 30 minutes:


A. Run 900m (2 laps) + 500m Row


Rest 2 mins


B.  Run 900m (2 laps) + 500m Ski


Rest 2 mins


C. Run 900m (2 laps) + 1000m Bike




Wednesday Work


CrossFit Open Workout 16.4


13 minute AMRAP

55 deadlifts 100/70kg

55 wall balls

55 calorie row

55 handstand push-ups




Thursday Force


A1. Squat - 4x5*

A2. Seated box jumps - 4x5

*~70% of your 1RM


B1. Bench press - 4x5*

B2. Lying horizontal throws - 4x5

*~70% of your 1RM


C. DB bent over rows - 3x10




Friday Energy


Every 6 mins

A. 3 Rounds

15 double DB power clean
Run 450m

B. 3 rounds

15 DB front squats
Run 450m


Cap each round at 4 minutes. Aim for the same time on each round.




Saturday Work








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