February '24 Programme

by tom MCADAM




Programme Overview



In the Force programme we will continue to explore and progress with the Power Snatch and Handstand Hold as our high-skill movements. These movements are, of course, more than just skills. The Power Snatch is a fantastic way to develop speed, power and overhead stability & strength. The Handstand Hold is an incredible way to build strength and stability in the shoulder girdle and core and to add an element of balance into your training.


On the pure strength side, we're moving to a higher volume focus in Force. That means higher reps and lower weights. This month the rep schemes for each movement will remain unchanged for the duration of the 4 weeks and we will aim to progressively add weight.


The conventional Deadlift is back on the programme, replacing the Sumo variation we've been developing in January (it will be back in March).


There are a bunch of new exercises: the Behind the Neck PressRing Dip, Weighted Lateral Lunge, Ring Row, Push Up, Curl and Skull Crusher. The Behind the Neck Press is a great overhead variation which target the muscles of the upper back and rotator cuff as well as the traditional pressing muscles. The Ring Dip also challeneges the shoulders in a different way, taking the joint into deep extension.


In the Energy programme, Tueday's main session is returning to basic VO2 Max intervals to improve your basic fitness and maximal aerobic capacity. You'll do intervals on Row, Ski and Bike with a 1 : 1 Work : Rest ratio. In week 1, we have 3 sets of 2 minute intervals with a 2 minute rest on each machine. These intervals will build in duration over the course of the month, ending with an output test at the end of the month. 


Sunday's Energy class will be more varied, similar to Friday's Energy class in previous months., incorporating cardiovascular elements as well as functional movements.


In the Work programme, Thursday's class will be a structured session including a gymnastics or weightlifting skill followed by a conditioning piece incorporating that skill. Having lost Friday's Energy class in the timetable change, Thursday's Work class will now have more of an aerobic element, often incorporating erg work and longer, sweatier workouts. We are also now making the programme explicity inclusive with two versions of each workout: one for people training for performance and one for people training for health


Saturday's Work class will test a different CrossFit Open workout each week in preparation for the Open which starts at the end of February




Monday Force

Full body strength: Back Squat, Behind the Neck Press, Pull-ups, Handstand Holds


Tuesday Energy

VO2 Max Intervals for Row, Ski and Bike. Intervals start with 3x 2:2 on each machine and build in duration from there. Week 4 will be a fixed time output test on each machine.


Wednesday FORCE

Full Body Strength: Power Snatch, Front Squat, Bench Press, Core work


Thursday WORK

Gymnastic / barbell skill + structured conditioning piece.


Friday FORCE

Strength EMOMs: EMOM 1 = Deadlift, Weighted Lateral Lunge, Ring Dip. EMOM 2 = Ring Row, Push Up, Barbell Curl, Barbell Skull Crusher.


Saturday Work

CrossFit Open Workout



Varied workouts including ergs as well as basic functional movements






ImageBy tom MCADAM
Published 01/02/24


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