Shahroo Izadi: Changing your habits for good through the power of kindness



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In Episode #17  Basis London founder Tom McAdam speaks with behaviour change specialist and bestselling author of The Kindness Method, Shahroo Izadi.

Shahroo began her career in addition treatment in the NHS. Through her experience, she became convinced that the general population could benefit from variations on the same tools and approaches that she was seeing transform people's lives in addiction recovery.

Shahroo began to combine and adapt all of the most effective, compassion-based elements into a practical toolkit of written exercises and motivational information; adding her own observations and experience as she went.

These lessons are distilled into Shahroo's two bestselling books, The Kindness Method and The Last Diet.

We speak about:

* A radically different approach to behaviour change

* Why "problem habits" are actually solutions and how thinking about this can provide key insights into what you need to do to change

* Why kindness is such an effective way to create new habits and practical ways you can go about being kinder to yourself through the process of change

* The importance of becoming aware of your internal narrative

* Acknowledging ambivalence towards change and preparing for the inevitable moments of low motivation

* Why you should leverage your strengths rather than focus on your weaknesses

* Creating a positive vision for the future to become excited about the process of change

* Positive affirmations

* Finding your genuine reasons for change

* Why the most important part of your "plan" should be what you will do when you deviate from the plan

Among many other things. We hope you enjoy the conversation!
You can find Shahroo on instagram @shahroo_izadi and through her website

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