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In Episode #19 Basis London founder Tom McAdam speaks with nutritional scientist, functional medicine practitioner and breast cancer thriver Toral Shah.

This is a very special episode about a topic that will affect 1 in 2 of us during our lifetimes. This conversation is about cancer; cancer in general and breast cancer in particular.

There is no shortage of opinions about optimal nutrition and lifestyle strategies for cancer prevention and for improving the efficacy of treatment.

But which approaches are really supported by the best available evidence? Fasting? Raw vegan? Keto? Alkaline diets? 

Returning guest Toral gives us a masterclass in the current state of knowledge in the field of integrative nutrition and lifestyle approaches to cancer.


Find Toral on instagram @theurbankitchen and online at


We speak about:

* Toral's personal experience with breast cancer

* How Toral tackled the mental health challenges associated with her most recent diagnosis during lockdown

* Meditation, breathwork and other stress management techniques

* The link between stress and oestrogen metabolism as a possible mechanism for breast cancer aetiology.

* The link between psychological trauma and breast cancer

* The importance of gut health and the gut-brain axis

* Separating evidence-based nutritional recommendations from quackery and anecdote

* What the evidence says about fasting during chemotherapy

* How fibre might play a role in hormone-sensitive cancers

* The importance of muscle mass for health

* The role of fat loss

* Sleep, melatonin and 5-HTP

* Exercise and a specific tactic for those undergoing radiotherapy

Among many other things.

To learn more about some of these fascinating topics, check out the resources below created by Toral:

(1) On the oestrobolome - the gut microbiome specific for metabolising oestrogen and its metabolites



(2) On how gut health might support some forms of newer cancer treatments including immunotherapy


(3) On the gut-brain axis, stress responses and the vagus nerve


We hope you enjoy the conversation!

This conversation is meant for general informational purposes only. Nothing said during this recording constitutes medical advice. Consult your medical professionals.


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