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Basis London founder and coach Tom McAdam

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The Human Potential Project podcast #24 - Tom McAdam: From finance to fitness and beyond  The Human Potential Project podcast #24 - Tom McAdam: From finance to fitness and beyond

In episode #24 BJ Rule speaks with Basis London co-founder and coach Tom McAdam. 

What is health? What is performance? What is well-being? What are we really trying to work towards in training and in life and how can we get there? These are the questions that come up as Tom and BJ chat.

Through a discussion of Tom's personal story and interests within the world of training, health and well-being we touch on a wide range of fascinating topics:

* How Tom went from working in investment banking to PT to opening a CrossFit affiliate

* How CrossFit put athletic performance on the map for the average gym goer and why this was such an important shift for Tom

* How Tom's pursuit of performance lead to disordered and obsessive behaviour surrounding training, nutrition and lifestyle

* The role meditation played in helping Tom resolve disordered behaviour, find true well-being and improve relationships

* Tom's view on what meditation is, how it works and the story of where he has taken his practice in the 5 years since starting

* Tom's take on breathwork for athletic performance and finding calm: the Oxygen Advantage "breathe light" exercise and the importance of carbon dioxide tolerance

* How becoming a parent during the pandemic changed Tom's attitude towards training and health and how he approaches exercise now

* What's the deal with nasal breathing running? The physiology of breathing.

* The BOLT (blood oxygen level test) and the MBT (maximum breathlessness test) from Oxygen Advantage and what they tell us

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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