Chloe Whylie: Elite level weightlifting and the athlete's mindset



Chloe Whylie: Elite level weightlifting and the athlete's mindset image

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Podcast: Chloe Whylie and elite level weightlifting  Podcast: Chloe Whylie and elite level weightlifting

In episode #25 Tom McAdam speaks with team Jamaica weightlifter, coach and spoken-word artist Chloe Whylie.

What does it take to compete at the highest level in olympic weightlifting? Having transitioned from coaching and powerlifting to competing at the World Championships in weightlifting in just 4 years, Chloe is the perfect person to provide an answer.

Having overcome enormous challenges along the way, Chloe's story provides lessons for anyone seeking elite-level performance in any field. Chloe is an athlete; but it has been her mindset that has propelled her to success.

In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss:

* Chloe's famously impressive squat numbers

* Chloe's early years and getting into sport from the age of 4

* Leaving home at age 15

* The period of depression and personal losses that ultimately lead Chloe to weightlifting

* Finding a way out of depression through strength training and sport

* Chloe's powerlifting career and how she got incredibly strong (200kg+ back squat)

* Why maxing out won't get you strong and how to strength-train properly

* The importance of sport and physicality for young girls

* How and why Chloe transitioned from powerlifting to weightlifting

* How Chloe dealt with a string of serious injuries: a broken hand and a slipped disc that lead to drop-foot, severe muscular atrophy and pain.

* How Chloe used counselling, yoga, meditation and deliberate routine setting to deal with a prolonged period during which she was unable to train during lockdown in 2020

* How Chloe lost 15kg bodyweight: the importance of vegetables, nighttime protein for recovery and knowing when to eat carbohydrate and protein.

* How Chloe performs at the highest level on a plant-based diet.

* Working with Giles Greenwood and how he helped Chloe overhaul her lifting technique to rely less on pure strength

* Joining team Jamaica and Chloe's experience competing at the World Championships

* Chloe's goals for her lifting career

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

Find Chloe on instagram @whyliecanlift and train with Chloe on her website 

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