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Human Potential Project podcast 23 with BJ Rule: The basics work  The Human Potential Project podcast 23 with BJ Rule: The basics work

In episode #23 Tom McAdam speaks with Basis London co-founder, coach and trainer BJ Rule. 

After 22 episodes, it felt like the right time to introduce the coaches behind Basis: BJ Rule and Tom McAdam.

We begin with BJ's story and how he got to where he is now, covering some 25+ years of experience coaching people and athletes and teaching group classes. We discuss lessons learned and mistakes made over that period.

Then we open up a conversation about the topics and themes in health and fitness BJ is currently most interested in, including:

* Why "the basics work" is a guiding principle for BJ in training and nutrition

* The fundamentals of resistance training and aerobic training and how to apply them

* The modern origins of physical exercise as a concept and the reduction in opportunities for movement

* What’s so wrong with the “punish yourself” mentality to training

* The way progressive overload works

* Fundamental human movement patterns

* BJ’s passion for the Hampstead ponds and cold water dips

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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