Patrick McKeown: The real science of breathing for health, performance and wellbeing



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In Episode #18 Basis London founder Tom McAdam speaks with internationally recognised breathing expert Patrick McKeown.

Much of what we've been taught about breathing is wrong. We learn that carbon dioxide is just a waste gas; that we should take "deep breaths" to calm down; that breathing more is the best way to improve body oxygenation during exercise.

In this episode, Patrick introduces us to the real science of breathing...

Having discovered the power of breath in resolving his own challenges related to sleep, asthma and focus, Patrick has spent much of the last two decades teaching functional breathing  to many thousands of people.

Patrick is the creator of the Oxygen Advantage breathing methodology, which was inspired by his training with the pioneer Konstantin Buteyko.

Alongside training instructors through the Oxygen Advantage, Patrick is also the author of two essential books on breathing: The Oxygen Advantage and more recently The Breathing Cure


You can find Patrick on instagram @buteykoclinic and @oxygenadvantage 


We speak about:

* How to unblock your nose with a simple breathing exercise

* Why carbon dioxide is so much more than a waste gas and is key to effective breathing, optimal health and stress management

* What carbon dioxide sensitivity is and why it is an important marker for sports performance and in anxiety and panic disorder

* What the BOLT score is, how to measure it and what to aim for

* The incredible physiology of nasal breathing

* How breathing through the nose improves oxygen delivery, aerobic efficiency and hydration status

* How nasal breathing releases nitric oxide and the critical role this gas plays in breathing and health

* Practical breathing exercises to improve your breathing and increase your BOLT score

* The three dimensions of functional breathing: light, slow and deep (LSD)

* The real physiology of Wim Hof breathing techniques, why you should be discerning in how you use these practices and Patrick's adapted hyperventilation exercise

Among many other things. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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