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In Episode #16 Basis London founder Tom McAdam speaks with George Edwards, running coach and personal trainer based at GYMBOX Farringdon in London.

Having spent his early years pursuing a career in professional football, George has been coaching for well over a decade and has spent time working with everybody from youth footballers to general population.

George's passion for running and endurance emerged from his interest in obstacle course racing in which he currently competes.

We speak about:

* Running technique: how to use cadence, stride length and pose running to avoid injuries and improve performance

* How to get started with improving your running form

* Training protocols and strategies for exceptional endurance

* Common mistakes with endurance training

* Introduction to training zones and definition of Zones 1-5

* Why you should limit training time in Zones 3 & 4

* The importance of Zone 2 training

* How you should split your training between Zone 2 training and high intensity intervals

* The benefits of nasal breathing in running

* Why you should run without music

Among many other things. We hope you enjoy the conversation!
You can find George on instagram @ge_training and you can find out more about working directly with George at his website here

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